This week I’m going to talk about the beach of Pascuales that is located in my home state of Colima in the town of Tecoman. It is a wonderful beach to visit if your looking for a cheap vacation and great food. All though, you can’t really swim on that particular beach do to the fact of really strong tides, but you can drive 30 minutes to the Manzanillo. There, you can enjoy the beach and have a splash in the ocean water. Pascuales is known for having big waves year round, making it attracting to a lot of pro surfers from Hawaii such as, Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons, and, from the movie Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton.

Here is a video for you to have view of Pascuales, . If the link doesn’t work the video is called GIANT BARRELS ARRIVE| MEXICO PT. 3 by Jamie O’Brien.


Image result for pascuales waves








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