History of Surfing

Surfing was invented by the Polynesians the first ever recordings was by English explorer James Cook the first surf boards where made of wood and the best surfers of that time where the celebrities of the tribe. In the 1885 native Hawaiians is where showing off there skills to the Europeans migrates and in 1905 is when is made it to the shores of California on the famous beach of Huntington and in 1909 is where it crossed the United States on the beach of Wrightsville beach in North Carolina.





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Red Bull Surfing

Red bull is a energy drink that was created in 1987 they are leader in extreme sports like Motorsports, skydiving and surfing. Red bull is known for making the coolest videos showing athletes doing the craziest stunts like a dirt biker doing a trick over two building or a surfer surfing a 100 foot wave and dropping from a helicopter. I honestly think that Red Bull is one of the best companies in world and also Red Bull is the only energy drink that I like to drink.


Pipeline is a surf break located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu on the north shore is during the month of December is when the north shore comes alive the waves typically get  13 feet and the perfect barrel forms this doesn’t come with a risk though. Numerous Surfs and photographers have died do to this wave because of downing and hitting the reef below the ocean many experts in the sports say that why pipeline is the most respected wave in the world.

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This week I’m going to talk about the beach of Pascuales that is located in my home state of Colima in the town of Tecoman. It is a wonderful beach to visit if your looking for a cheap vacation and great food. All though, you can’t really swim on that particular beach do to the fact of really strong tides, but you can drive 30 minutes to the Manzanillo. There, you can enjoy the beach and have a splash in the ocean water. Pascuales is known for having big waves year round, making it attracting to a lot of pro surfers from Hawaii such as, Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons, and, from the movie Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton.

Here is a video for you to have view of Pascuales, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OstZsZtmEE . If the link doesn’t work the video is called GIANT BARRELS ARRIVE| MEXICO PT. 3 by Jamie O’Brien.


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Jaws is a wave located on the north shore of the island of Maui.It is a world renowned surfing spot where pro surfers in the months of December and March go to ride a 50 feet waves or some times even bigger to try to get a cover photo for surfer magazine or to compete in the annual billabong tournament. Hundreds of spectators watch the giant waves to observe the accelerating show that the waves cause from the surfer falling 50 feet from the top of the wave or form the jets skies crashing into the rocks

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What is Big wave Surfing





Big wave Surfing is a phenomenon that takes place around the world in specific locations  it is very cool because people surf waves that are at least 20 feet tall or even taller it is a disciple within the surfing community you can either paddle your way into the wave or have a jet ski pull you into the surf. The riders must be able to hold his breath for over 2 minutes or more because the foam that the waves produces is a lot , that’s why it is a very extreme sport   See the source image